Pisces Symbolism and Mythology Explained

Pisces is considered the 12th sign in the Zodiac. It gets its name from the constellation of Pisces. Pisces is the plural form for fish, in Latin. The constellation is seen as two fish hanging in the sky, tied together by a cord around their tails.

In one version of the Greek mythology surrounding Pisces, the fish are said to represent Aphrodite and her son Eros. Apparently they were transformed into fish to hide from the monster Typhon. Which explains why their tails are tied together, it’s so they won’t lose one another. Typhon was definitely a monster worth hiding from.

He was said to be the deadliest monster in all the Greek myths. Which the more of them you read, the more you realize that that’s saying a lot. He was tall enough to reach the stars and when he stretched out his arms, you could see that they were covered in dragon heads. He shot fire from his eyes and his body was covered with wings. So Aphrodite and Eros were probably smart to run and hide from him.

See, this monster Typhon was mad at all of the Greek gods. He had sworn in his rage that he was going to kill all of them and throw Zeus from his throne. This was not an idle threat and many of the followers of Zeus had run and hid from this monster. The story continues that one day Aphrodite and Eros were walking along the river when Typhon caught up to them Rather than risk death trying to fight him, they jumped into the water and transformed themselves into the fish we see in the sky today. Thus avoiding the monster altogether.

Good news is: When Zeus and Typhon finally meet, Zeus is able to defeat him. The bad news is: it wasn’t in time to save Aphrodite and her son.

Another way to view the constellation is that the string that connects the two fish is instead the stick figures of two men. The actual fish shapes are where their heads are. No other reason is given for this view point, but it does make it a little more interesting.

The «element» that Pisces belongs to is water, and it’s «quality» is mutable. That makes them very imaginative and loving while still being very adaptable to the people and situations around them.

When it comes to tattoo ideas abound for Pisces. Some tattoos show a man fishing from the river bank, others show the constellation itself; two fish bound together by a string. In that case, the fish are usually shown swimming in opposite directions. Others have shown a fishing pole with a fish on the end of it. Or you could always use the Sanskrit name for Pisces which is Minas.

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