Plain Cross Tattoo Designs

Many people like the plain cross tattoo. Getting this design to be your tattoo symbolizes that person in a way. There are several reasons why people go of this kind of design and among them is a simple love for crosses and for religious reasons. Cross designs go back to the ancient days.

Some people believe that the crosses came to be at the same time Christianity did but this is not right as history suggests that they were there way before. People used crosses to symbolize a particular thing. Other reasons for choosing this design could be pure artistic work or could be personal. Its simple nature makes it more appealing.

Cross designs are ideal as well because you can be able to embellish them with other designs. Among some of the common suggestions are vines that go around the cross or colorful work of art that suit the design of the cross.

Furthermore, you could add other tiny figures to surround it or you could simply have a plain cross. Cross design present simple artwork. Gray or black are the colors that can be used to make the design as well. Although other colors can be used to make the cross it can never lose its symbolism.


Having your cross done together with your best scripture piece or a quote that means something to you The words can hang from a banner hanging off your cross below or above the piece or it could be inside the design. The website that deals in Art and tattoos that has established that script is most of the time added to tattoos to aid in signifying a bigger picture or the piece’s meaning. The size of your tattoo will greatly determine how big your script is going to be and it is therefore important that you consider this. Another important consideration is that the font of the script matches the cross’s style.

A plain cross tattoo that is preferred by quite a number of people but overlooked in many instances is the one that has a circle surrounding its pieces. The design is popularly found in Christian designs of yore as well as in the Celtic type. On the Stephen Walker says that when the circle went around the cross it showed that God was eternally present. Most of the early Christians think of the circle as being a halo, or as a means of remembering the life of God through Christ. The Celtic crosses have a complicated nature that entails line designs that are in themselves complicated as well.

Most of the time, the people who get this design are aware of this very important meaning that the design has for them. This design is not one that is found in a tattoo or art studio. There is definitely an event that occurred in their life with it or it could be a memento that reminds them of something. We have divergent opinions and views of the famous cross. However, it should be noted that you will never forget your real identity. Although most people do not share the same perspective on crosses, many of them have only positive outlooks. Nonetheless, where many people are concerned it mostly regards faith. Going for a plain cross tattoo is therefore not bad at all.

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