Polynesian Tattoo symbols

The word tattoo is extracted from the word “Tatua” means “mark/label”,and founded by James Cook in 1768. Polynesia is an island that surrounds the Pacific Ocean Polynesian tattoo has spread all over the world as the polynesian people spread over the world.Polynesian tattoo is an art work on the human body.It is a culture of the polynesian people.people believe that placing tattoo on the body of a person indicates there nature and personality.Polynesian tattoo symbols are almost similar, from the ancient times till now.For polynesians tattooing is a strength,royality and courage.Now a days tattooing has become a trend.

Both men and women place tattoo symbol in there body.You have different types of polynesian tattoo symbols, few are:Maori Tattoos ,Cletic, Ta moko,Hawaiian,Rapa nui tattoos. There are two kinds of polynesian tattoos,one is Enata, these designs are natural and safe designs.It Polynesian trditional tattoo design art.indicates your identity,your work and also your status.Second one is Etua,These designs are very spiritual, and magical, they are for protection to a people, or for a tribe, by the gods themselves.In today’s generation Polynesia tattoo symbols are symbols of uniqueness, and fashion, and they have become very famous among body art lovers.

Ta moko tat identify relinquish, bravery and esteem because of its traditionally long and achy affect to apply them. Maori arts are very fanciful and fine-looking with its zigzag patterns and special styles. Modern ta moko symbols and cletic tattoos are combined are to create new variety of designs. The most famous tattoo of the polynesian tattoo is the maori tattoo.It is basically for men which consists of intricate special design for men, and which covers the entire face and also legs and buttocks, and curved designs that cover the chin for girls.Maori designs suits anywhere on the body, and also well suited for facial Polynesian tattoos.You see symbols of lizards,sea turtles,dolphins and flowers in traditional Hawaiian tattoos.

If you like animal or plants you can apply Hawaiian tattoos.Polynesain tattoo symbols are not totally abstract.Most of the polynesian tattoo symbols are some what abstarct but theyare with cultural identification.One such tattoo is Samoan tattoos, this will cover most part of your body with the design. Usually men’s An ancient Polynesian tattoo symbol art.tattoo start from below the ribcage and go to the ankles, with big areas of the design completely with black, where as girl’s ancient Polynesian tattoos cover small area.Tattoos are peoples belife.Most of the people belive their body as a temple and they belive that body should not be hurted.Where as some people belive that having religious tattoo symbols is a way to express the devotion to god.You get many attractive symbols when you choose your particular tattoo design.

You get design like sun,moon, stars, flowers to your body attractive and different.Girls those who like tattooing can select many attractive designs.Most of the girls like star butterflies and flower designs.girls look very sexy with sexy designs.Small girls choose stars filled with color and there girlfriends also go for the same design to show there strong relationship of friendship.Polynesian tattoos give you inspiration and courage.You can find a meaningful polynesian tattoo which tells you what you are.

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