Raging Bull Tattoos – Symbolic Of Power

If are you a Taurean by zodiac; then raging bull tattoo would obviously be the best choice, fro you. It symbolizes attributes of ambition, steadfastness, dedication, and consistency. These are innate qualities of a Taurus personality.

As per Greek mythology, Zeus, the king of Gods, took a form of bull in order to win over Europa. Contrary to this statement, Taurus does not represent intense masculinity, but the negative feminine energies. Therefore, Raging Bull Tattoo stands for both men and women because it actually symbolizes intense masculinity that is interwoven with feminine qualities such as passion.

Undoubtedly, this Raging Bull Tattoo has gained its popularity between both the genders. It is being admired by people of all ages, be it young or old. They find it appealing and want to sport it by getting it permanently inked onto their bodies. Interesting enough, this tattoo art has made its presence since times immemorial. According to the anthropological studies, it existed 15000 years back. Even the ancient civilizations such as Roman, Greek, Chinese, and Indian, are actually making use of this art form in order to symbolize religious, aesthetic, and cultural values.

But, it is important to pick the Raging Bull Tattoo, before making a careful consideration of the same. This is because, a hasty selection of this tattoo will land you in nuances related to this zodiac. The other essential thing is to see whether this zodiac possesses a deep insight that is needed for your personality or not? This tattoo is a sign of straightforwardness, depth, solid dependability, passion, and loyalty.

A Raging Bull Tattoo will no doubt represent these qualities in a light that is more visible or clear. As a matter of fact, there are various designs and patterns available in the market to help the bearers in the search. So it is important to have a thorough knowledge about this sign, before going in for the same. This tattoo represents rich imagery and diverse forms that combines ancient cultures with a touch of contemporary art. You may come across many remarkable choices that you are free to select. They include bull reclining in a passive position, or a bull in an extremely active state. He may be found snorting and chasing with full vitality and vigor. It entirely depends on your personal preference as in which image would you like to go for.

The Raging bull tattoo also represents the qualities of stillness, peace, and patience that are actually Taurean qualities. Taureans also strike, when they are provoked and same is with the bull.

Thus, no matter what are your actual reasons for choosing a tattoo like this, but it should bring more colors to your life by providing you with great joy and pride.

Just as the symbol of zodiac, the Raging Bull tattoo, has vibrant strokes and represents steadfastness and permanence in your life.

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