Rose Tattoos: The Different Unique Designs

The rose tattoo has its strong relation with the love and beauty. The different colors and type of rose hold their own unique meanings. Furthermore, the rose tattoos are not limited to the women only, there are increasing in popularity for the group of men too.

The color of a rose has representation and meaning, so you have to choose the rose tattoo according to the color very carefully in order to match with the image and meaning you want it to provoke.

Red rose = beauty, love, bravery, passion and romanticism

Red rose bud = pureness and loveliness

Dark red rose = unconscious beauty

Gold rose = the roles of accomplishment

Pink rose = friendship, appreciation, grace, happiness and gentleness

Light pink rose =understanding and sweetness

White rose = innocence, silence, privacy, reverence, humbleness, youthfulness and charm

Yellow rose = joyfulness and happiness

Lavender rose = fascination

Coral rose = strong desire

Blue rose = the power of impossibilities

Black rose traditionally represents sorrow and death

Hope you will found your dream rose tattoo design based on its colors. But be careful with the certain tattoo area for women.

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