Rose Tattoos

There was a time, between the 80’s and the 90’s, when it seemed like everyone wanted to have a rose tattoo.

Rose tattoos were tattoos that most women got, and many times they got it in very intimate places. No one quite knows why rose tattoos because as popular as they did, but one thing that is definitely easy to see is that they quickly became cliché.

If you were to go and get a tattoo at a parlor and were a woman, the first thing that the artist would often ask is where you wanted your rose tattoos! So because of this it can be difficult to get tattoos of roses without them looking cliché.

It is, however, entirely possible. If you’re interested in getting rose tattoos without them being cliché, the first thing to think of is why, exactly, you want a rose tattoo.

Do you just love how it looks or do you have some sort of a deeper connection with the rose?

Another thing to ask is if you want one rose or more. For instance having a bouquet of roses on your body is definitely nowhere near as cliché has having one blood red rose.

And the color can be changed as well to make sure that your rose tattoos are not cliché! Instead of having a red rose, have a yellow rose or a blue rose.

It will even help if you add other things to your rose, such as a ladybug crawling around your rose or a humming bird suckling out of your rose. Definitely don’t forget the vine! Sometimes the vine on rose tattoos are the only thing that keeps the tattoo from being boring and from looking completely cliché.

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