Scorpio Tattoos

Anyone who has a scorpion tattooed on themselves generally gets asked if they are a Scorpio. This is because the Scorpio zodiac has the scorpion as its mascot, and if you happen to be a Scorpio it is a good thing, as Scorpio tattoos are generally very fun and enjoyable to do.

But how can you get unique and fun Scorpio tattoos instead of boring ones, and why is Scorpio a member of the stars in the first place?

When you look into Scorpio you’ll learn that the Greeks, those lovely mythology-loving people, believed that Scorpio was connected to Orion. They said that Orion was a Cyclops who was an amazing hunter, but that he was very modest and shy about the great skill that he had.

One day he fell in love with a princess who lived on an island that he just happened to be traveling past, but that her father refused to let her daughter leave the island. In order to do this he blinded Orion so that he was unable to hunt. Because of this he traveled to the sun in order to heal his eye, and began hunting again.

During this time he met the great hunter Artemis, but Apollo became jealous that the two became such close friends and so he sent a scorpion to kill Orion by stinging him in the heel, which he did. Because of how he died, Zeus decided that he should be put into the stars, but also that the scorpion should be allowed to chase him due to the war that Artemis and Apollo wound up in after the attack.

This is why the scorpion is always attacking Orion. If you’re looking for unique Scorpio tattoos, all you have to do is to see how many different ways a scorpion can be drawn. It can be drawn in the tribal fashion, in an abstract fashion, or even in a Celtic fashion!

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