Scottish Tattoo Meanings

For hundreds of years, the Scottish people have loved tattoos including the various forms in which the Scottish tattoo comes in that they have managed to come up with. With their trading with Scandinavians, there came about more recognition for the tattoos as well. With Celtic tattoos being most popular, until now due to their intricate detailing as well as spirals and knots moor people who love tattoos have been left asking for more.

Scottish Designs and their Meaning

As aforementioned, Scottish designs are age old because of the body decoration and body art’s long history. Celtic designs together with body art from the Scandinavian has always had a role to play in the creation of very big Scottish tattoos ha can be admired by everyone.

Celtic Knot Tattoo:

There are quite a number of Celtic knot tattoos that one can use as Scottish designs. You can be able to choose from birds, animals, cross as well as a number of abstract designs that go with your personality. Apart from their appealing looks, the tattoos also match their meanings. The drawing of the tattoo is done to depict that there is no end, when it comes to the life and its seasons.

Clan Designs:

Scottish tattoos started the theme that dictates you get your family’s or clan’s name done on your body. Whenever someone confronts you with the question, what is in a name? You should reply, everything. If the name is Scottish, then it definitely entails many battles, legends and myths. The clan designs consist of stags, boars, unicorns and swans. For instance they could be navy or military members, firefighters who have the Scottish tattoo with such pride.

Scottish Lion Tattoo:

Due to the fact that Scotland presents a land filled with legends and myths, the Scottish lion designs form a tiny part of the country. The country’s second flag has the “Lion Rampant” and its red lion stands out on the flag’s yellow background that also has red borders. Presently, this kind of tattoo has evolved which has brought about a fresh variety of these kind of tattoos that tattoo lovers really love.

Scottish Thistle Designs:

Basically, the thistle presents a plant that is found in parts that there is no vegetation and covers itself using its thorny spines. The plant also consists of gorgeous flowers that show nobility and royalty. Thistle designs are quite Scottish and were closely related to the pride, aim, hardship and ruggedness that they had.

The Saltire of the Scottish:

Known in some quarters as Saint Andrew’s Cross this tattoo can be able to make an attractive and simple tattoo. The color of the flag is blue and it also entails a white cross that has the shape of letter x going across it. According to legend, Saint Andrew said that he had seen this cross up in the sky as he was fighting the Northumbrians and it was a sign of victory. The Scots worn the battle and from then the Saltire gained a place of pride as Scotland’s national symbol.

Could you be having several Scottish design ideas and the chosen locations for them. You should conduct a research as to the type of Scottish design that you prefer. There are very many choices as well as professional tattoo designers that can make complicated tattoos from which you can choose. Do not be in a hurry to make your Scottish tattoo decision.

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