Seahorse Tattoos- Meanings Deciphered

Seahorse tattoos flashes are really both hot and cool. They are the style statement especially for the girls and women. Seahorses not only look nice, petite and feminine but also are said to represent the inner desires of a woman to have a partner who is as courageous and chivalrous as the knight on the horse.

Seahorse tattoos are sweet and clean which can be worn as small as possible and anywhere you like. The seahorse also represents the free spirit. A seahorse is generally very small and swim about in the oceans freely. So, the seahorse can symbolize the freedom to roam around anywhere you want and think freely. The bubbles can go on to mean dreams and ambitions. The movement of a seahorse is very elegant and thus can impart the fact that the wearer is as elegant in his or her behavior and mannerisms.

On men, the seahorses mean pretty much the same with some added points. They represent the ambition, dreams and the free spirit of a person. They also might mean that the wearer is very protective and can take care of situations. They can be worn by fatherly figures or just when you attain fatherhood.

According to some people, a seahorse tattoo can simply mean the love for the seahorse, the animal or for the aquatic life and water. They can also be worn because they simply look good and you want to flash your tattoo for all occasions.

Get a seahorse tattoo flash and enjoy the free life!

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