Searching for Printable Scorpion Tattoos?

Some of the most popular searches on the Internet are for printable scorpion tattoos, and one often wonders why most people search for printable scorpion tattoos?

To understand this question, let us examine what the symbolism of scorpion is, as commonly perceived across the world. There are many meanings and connotations associated with the symbol of the scorpion. On the face of it, the most obvious thing you will notice about scorpions is that they are tiny creatures with deadly stings. This symbolism is chosen to communicate the powerful message by some people that even though they may look powerless, they can firmly hold their ground and face up to any challenge, hardship or affront thrown in their path. In fact, the symbolism almost warns their adversaries to stay away, lest they inflict a deadly blow to whosoever harms them or those that they love and care for. This is one of the primary reasons why most people search for printable scorpion tattoos, and why they choose this as the design to sport permanently on their bodies.

Another reason why people choose to get a printable scorpion tattoos is perhaps because they could be Scorpios, i.e. astrologically speaking those born in the month of November, under the sign of Scorpio, which is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and Mars is its ruler. The symbol of this sign is the scorpion, and most Scorpios are considered quite like the symbol of the zodiac sign – intense and intimidating. This sign is associated with masculinity and dynamism and those born under this sign may choose to represent these qualities of the typical Scorpio by inking a printable scorpion tattoo on them.

As per Egyptian legend, the scorpion’s venom represented healing and resurrection – rebirth, and this could also be another reason why people would choose to go for a printable scorpion tattoo.

Whatever your reasons for choosing a printable scorpion tattoo, it sure will hold a special reason for you, either as a representative of your unique personality or to show off an aesthetic design which has special significance for you. Depending on the skill and craft of your tattooist, the scorpion can be shown emerging from the bellybutton or any other area, to add to the dramatic effect and creativity. Size of the tattoo, design and colors, will also determine its impact. The reason why people look for the printable scorpion tattoos are numerous, and whatever the individual reasons are, it is bound to create a stir and communicate a powerful message as desired by the bearer of this evocative tattoo design.

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