Sexy Back Tattoos Are Sure To Attract Attention

The image of the sexy temptress is a common vision to most. This woman is thin, intelligent, clever, and every woman envies her. She is sassy, and every man admires her — and she probably has at least one sexy back tattoo. If you think this is just a coincidence, you need to think again.

Even as tattooing has become relatively more mainstream in America, there’s still something temptingly transgressive about a woman who gets a tattoo. Maybe it’s the permanency, or maybe it’s the idea of rebellion. It’s most likely a combination of the two.

The woman who gets a sexy tattoo is a woman who knows what she wants — and who usually gets it, too. She’s not afraid to make a decision and go for it. She knows that the decision she’s making is one to last a lifetime, but she’s not scared. Instead, she’s eager to show just how happy and confident she is at this point in her life, and she probably wants to remember it forever.

This woman probably has a rebellious streak as well. It doesn’t intimidate her to stretch or bend or even break rules. This tattoo is her statement that she knows exactly who she is, and is proud of her identity. No one else is going to impose their ideas of femininity or womanhood on her. When these women want tattoos, they are going to get them, even if other people don’t like it very much.

But she’s also a woman who’s clever. No matter how unfair it is, the fact remains that some people have condescending attitudes about tattoos. This woman’s tattoo is definitely sexy, but she knows that she might have to cover it up for work in the morning. The back is the perfect position: she can show off her ink with a short shirt and low-cut jeans, but when it’s time to get down to business, a responsible suit can keep her secret safe.

The back is not only clever, it is incredibly sexy as well. It’s no secret that men find a woman’s back sexy. The smooth, silky soft skin and flattering curves are temptingly touchable. Women who choose this location for a tattoo are calling attention to one of her most attractive features.

Another factor in considering the back as a location for a tattoo is that there is less pain involved. Some body parts have higher numbers of nerve endings than other locations. For example, the wrist and neck can be very painful tattoo sites. Because the skin on the back is less sensitive, and is not exposed to the roughening effects of wind and sun, it will not hurt as much or take as long to heal as some other locations.

The most important thing to remember about sexy back tattoos is that YOU are what makes them sexy! You can tattoo anything you want — your name, a flower, a knot, or a symbol — whatever is important to you. The sexy part is how you wear the tattoo, and when you’ve made such an empowering decision, you’ve got every reason to flaunt it.

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