Skull with Horns Tattoos That Make You Crazy!

Skull with horn tattoos are the most sensational and creative stuff in today’s fashionable world. And to keep up with the standards, you better follow the fashion norm!!

These days with guys trying to prove themselves more of a macho man than the good boy next door, increasingly are trying to sport the devil instead of the god. Not because they are bad people but because they want to be different from what the traditional idea has been. And after all, girls love to date bad boys more than gentlemen!!

So, if that is where your target it, skull with horns tattoos are the perfect stuff for you to sport. However, such demon tattoos are rich with symbolism. According to the ancient Greek mythology, “daimon” means the expression of a divine power. So, initially, this symbol had nothing to do with evil. The evil strand to it came along with the new religions like Christianity, Judism and Islam. However, according to some doctrines in Christianity, the devil or Satan was the most intelligent of all angels, which acquired him the title of Lucifer.

The skull with horn tattoos are related to some kind of devil symbols. The devil could also enter a person to cause sickness and madness. The more popular symbols come with claws and fangs. According to the Japanese legends, demon could be good or bad as per their liking to you. So, being disliked by a demon could have fatal consequences.

This is what perhaps we all at the bottom of our heart want to sport. So, get a skull with horns tattoo and let the imagination flow wild!!

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