Skulls – Different Meanings for Different People

Decades ago, the skull was primarily a tattoo requested by men but now females are quickly coming around and warming to the skull design. Women tend to prefer the more lighthearted and colorful skull images. That is not to say that some females aren’t attracted to the scarier black and gray version. It’s an individual preference.

For some people a skull image reminds them of death and dying. Not an attractive image for some. But for other individuals, the skull is an attractive and interesting subject that may lend itself to dark imagery but also can be a beautiful subject with an uplifting feel. Skull designs are one of the most popular tattoo designs in the current tattoo climate as well as historically. Any tattoo shop will confirm that skulls are in the top ten requests from people walking in the door.

Some people identify with skulls since it is actually part of us. Some of us find a human skull attractive in the same way people find a cattle skull, buffalo skull, or horse skull a striking piece of art.

For some people, a skull reminds them of death or represents death. That is the reason that skulls are sometimes used in memorial tattoos.

Some people opt to get a skull tattoo just for the simple matter that they are attracted and find the image striking.

A Variety of Meanings

The Mexican culture celebrates Day of the Dead which is a day to mourn the death of young children and adults. They decorate skull forms with colorful flowers and butterflies to show the immortality of the soul amidst nature. The day of the dead is a celebration of people that are now departed from this world. Skulls are often painted with smiles making the form more friendly looking. Day of the dead designs are a popular tattoo choice.

Some couples like to get matching skull tattoos to profess their eternal love for each other. The skull symbolizes this love and says that their love will live forever – even beyond the grave.

If the intention of getting a skull tattoo is to look ominous and tough, you will likely choose a picture inked in black and gray and with a skull that screams attitude and death.

A skull can also represent human vanity, eternity, or repentance.

A skull with a serpent slithering through a skull is a symbol of knowledge and immortality.

During ancient battle times decapitation of the enemy was common so as to provide proof that the Army was victorious. Bringing back the head of the enemy displayed power and superiority. For some this also is the case with a skull tattoo. “I’m a tough SOB and I have this tattoo to prove it”.

Skulls do not have to be depicted with just a dreary black and gray style, it can be made whimsical and colorful and given a whole makeover that may come as a surprise to some individuals. Taking it one step further, some people even like a skull that looks cute or cartoonish. These designs are not only popular with tattoos but tattoo inspired clothing is now stamped with these whimsical images. The images are so damn cute that many children’s clothing stores now carry T-shirts and clothing for babies and toddlers adorned with skull emblems.

Because the skull design is so popular with ink collectors, it is much easier to find a skull tattoo design that appeals to you. Any tattoo shop will have a variety of skull flash to choose from. The popularity of skull designs has led to a variety of interpretations by various tattoo flash artists.

So depending on your view, the skull can represent danger or death or can also represent power protection and strength. Some people feel it is a good representation of the strength that they found to overcome a large obstacle in their life or a tragic circumstance that they survived.

A tattoo is an individual undertaking with a meaning that is unique to that person.

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