Sleeve Tattoo Designs, Anyone?

Body art, body painting or sleeve tattoo design? Always and anywhere we see some people with markings on their skin which we generally refer to as tattoo. Some find it a beauty some may find it weird. The subject on tattoos is insignificant to most of us we do not know that there are types ofsleve-tattoo tattoo designs. One of these types is the sleeve tattoo design.

Because of the modern trends and some popular trendsetters like wrestlers and bikers, tattoos have become extremely popular. An increasing number of persons around the world become aware of this body art. Some of them even make a living out of tattoo making. There are already famous individuals sought upon by loyal customers for their sleeve tattoo designs. There are various colors and designs of sleeve tattoos. A very well thought and meticulously chosen design gives more satisfaction and pride to the one who wears is.

What is a sleeve tattoo?

This refers to any tattoo design covering all or majority of the skin in a particular area. The size of the designs is usually elaborate and big. To illustrate, a tattoo design which covers the whole skin in the arms is a full sleeve tattoo. It can also be done on the legs. Why the term “sleeve”? Because it is like wearing a sleeve in your arm thus, it is called sleeve tattoo. So when you see somewhere, in the net or in a store some tattoo designs, you can now distinguish a regular tattoo design from a sleeve tattoo design.

Trendy Tattoo Designs and Concepts

Tattooing is an art and because it is an art, the designs of a sleeve tattoo in particular should not just be any drawings. Sleeve tattoos are huge enough to cover an arm or leg therefore each design should be conceptualized very well. Here are some design concepts from artists and famous individuals whom we can say are authority in the art.

1. Classic Japanese Concepts – Japanese people are very artistic and talented. They are very well known in the tattoo art. Some of the Japanese classic sleeve tattoo designs are the elegantly interwoven cherry blossoms, Koi fish and the famous samurai sleeve tattoo design. Most of the Japaneese tattoo concepts are derived from their tradition and cultural factors.

2. Floral Designs – Usually, this particular sleeve tattoo designs are for women because of the feminine connotation—floral or flowers. However, there are also a number of men who have this design. Floral sleeve tattoo designs ranges from simple to very complex ones tweaked by the artist into more intricate body marks or tattoos.

3. Celtic Sleeve Tattoos– These patterns are adopted from the Celts who are known for their artistry in their ornaments, accessories and even weapons. Remember the times of King Arthur and the Romans? Their focus on gods and goddesses influenced the art. Today, elaborate Celtic design is already one of the famous designs for sleeve tattoos. These patterns are usually found in the upper extremities and often mixed with inscriptions and drawings i.e. animals.

4. Tribal Design – Since sleeve tattoos are large, tribal patterns fit for a sleeve tattoo design. Most who has it feels that it is very cool and very commanding. But before getting a tribal sleeve tattoo design, one must consider its meaning or what it stands for. In some countries there are tribes or group of people who practice tattooing as part of their culture. Though it is just a tattoo, but one should be sensitive to these culture practices which can be offend when getting the wrong concept of a tribal sleeve tattoo. Some famous tribal sleeve tattoo designs are the Maroi and Hawaiian patterns.

As said earlier, sleeve tattoo designs are elaborate and large. One sleeve tattoo design requires a lot of patience and time from the artist and the one who wants it on. It will take some time to finish a design of a full sleeve tattoo. Aside from that, it also usually cost some amount of money depending on the design and the artist. Cost ranges from $500 to $2000. A full sleeve tattoo design is done over a number of sessions of at least an hour for each session. For most who had done it, an average of 20 sessions or an estimated 20 hours work for just a single full sleeve tattoo design. The time it takes to finish a design also depends on the availability of the tattoo artist or how experienced the artist doing the tattoo for you.

Yes, there are a lot of factors to consider when getting a full sleeve tattoo on. But foremost is your desire to have one. When you desire it, there is nothing that can deter you to get it, not even the cost. The satisfaction and pride when the design is on your skin are far more than any money can buy. The admiration and awe from friends and strangers alike when you show of f your full sleeve tattoo design is more than enough to say that it was worth it.

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