Small Female Tattoo Designs: Little Space, Big Ideas

One primary characteristic of being female is that your body is smaller than most men’s. Sometimes this can be advantageous, but it can also put you at a disadvantages if you are considering getting a tattoo. Remembering this can be important when searching for small female tattoo designs.

Frequently, women choose to have tattoos placed on their lower backs. This is a very logical place to get a tattoo, because this offers women a freedom that other locations do not. For instance, if you choose to ink your back, you can choose any size design that you desire.

Many women, however, have to remember that they’ll be in situations where their tattoos need to be covered. Maybe you work in a corporate office where tattoos aren’t allowed, or maybe your grandmother won’t like them. There are many reasons to choose a small female tattoo.

Just because a tattoo is small, however, doesn’t mean it won’t have a big impact on your life. The location of the tattoo is the key factor. For example, placing a tiny tattoo on the lower back can attract many eyes to this curvy, appealing location. Catching someone’s eye requires only a tiny flower or intricate knot.

Additionally, a small tattoo on the ankle can be particularly alluring, because it will catch the eye and draw the gaze up the leg. Many women even choose to get tattoos that look like permanent anklets. You’ll get all the benefits of sexy jewelry without actually having to wear any! Some women also feel that these small tattoos are more «feminine,» because they don’t stand out as much.

Choosing a small tattoo will allow you to focus your money on color. Colored tattoos are usually more expensive, but you can save money by getting a fairly small design that focuses strongly on color and shading. These are two excellent ways to make your design unique without bankrupting you.

Tattoos can be painful. This is one very logical reason to choose a smaller tattoo. Women can get a design that expresses individuality without spending all night at a tattoo parlor and feeling the pain for several more weeks.

There are a lot of reasons to pick small female tattoo designs. You should always remember that a smaller tattoo isn’t a compromise — you don’t have to settle for something generic. Being little, after all, doesn’t mean being boring!

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