Small Tattoos

Some people want to have a tattoo very badly, but they want to make sure that their tattoo is small.

They either want a small tattoo because they work at a job where tattoos are against company policy, or because they’re worried that people will think badly of them if they have a large tattoo. They figure they can just go to the tattoo shop and request small tattoos and that everything will be fine.

Unfortunately getting small tattoos isn’t always a good idea. More than one person has walked into a tattoo parlor looking for a small tattoo only to find out that their design will not work when it’s small, or to discover after they got the tattoo that it doesn’t look right at all.

It’s fine to want a small tattoo, but you have to be realistic about it. Small tattoos are being inked using the same size needle that larger tattoos are using, which means that the artist has to work on a much smaller scale, with the same size needles, in order to create the design that you want.

This doesn’t always work out well, especially if you have a design that is fairly intricate. Many times the design will be too intricate to be small, and the details that you were looking forward to seeing get turned into a large blob of ink.


Before you get your mind set on a small tattoo, make sure that the tattoo will look right. Speak with your artist about the tattoo that you’re looking for and the size that you want. The artist will be realistic and can show you how it will look if you have it too small.

It’s always a good idea to take your artist’s words of caution, and who knows, that same design may look amazing if it’s larger, and may be easily hidden if it’s placed on certain spots on the body.

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