Star Tattoo Designs: Star Cluster Tattoo

Most people are enthusiast of the star cluster tattoos. A reason for this could be that they have the capability to make an excellent choice. Some of the options open for are designing your own tattoo or you could engage the services of a low cost designer. Incase your friends are creative as well you can enlist their help.

The location to place the tattoo is also among the factors that contribute to personal expression. In case one might need to hide the design either for professional or privacy reasons it is advisable to use colors that are more elaborate. The size of the tattoo should also be small to make it easier for a person to cover it as frequently as they can, using their clothes.

The best locations for the star designs include the lower back, ankles and navel but this largely depends on the design.

Prior to choosing a location, there should be a number of considerations among them the age effects as well as the effect that body changes will have on your tattoo. Due to the fact that they totally depend on symmetry which is included in their design’s beauty, you should put into consideration the effect that body changes and age will have on your tattoo’s shape. For instance, if a star is placed around the navel of a woman, it could at first result in a very beautiful expression, however, as her body undergoes changes after some time, she might end up with a distorted and warped image. Weight loss or gain, natural growth and muscle tone all have the ability to affect the proportions and shape of a tattoo after some time.

Star designs cam make for great options as well due to the fact that they can entail a neutral or positive meaning. There are no negative meanings to be associated with star cluster tattoos. Therefore, it is common to see many people going for this tattoo as they feel that they will not be obligated to explain to anyone about their tattoo or be expected to defend their design. In case you are thinking of having a star design, here are a number of designs that could work for you:

Star as well as a Luna pair added to your design will make a great tattoo to use for defining yourself. Using this same concept, this kind of design is not bad as no one is ever aware of how things will ultimately end. Due to this fact, quite a number of people prefer to get this design. Another star that is a favorite of many people is the nautical designs. A reason for this is there is much importance to the design as regards its history.

Additionally, it is a symbol of the path that they are searching for in life. In the long tattoos, this perhaps presents the oldest one. In the past, sailors used the tattoo to symbolize the star in the North when they had difficulties finding their way home.

It is also possible to use the star symbolically as a five-point star that entails various colors or alternatively it could be stars that are grouped together while having a number of realistic overnight clouds. Any design that you prefer is great and will make for an ideal choice. Quite a good number of people love the star cluster tattoo in various sizes from the back or shoulder.

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