Statue of Liberty Tattoos: County of Refuge and Freedom

The Statue of Liberty tattoo is a popular tattoo design of the most famous landmark of America which represents among other things, the enduring principles of liberty, freedom, independence and represents the “American Way” to the rest of the world. The Statue of liberty tattoo has become a sought after design especially in the aftermath of 09/11 events – the terrorist attacks that shook the foundations of a free America.

Why is the Statue of Liberty a popular sought after form of tattoo in recent times. In the last 200 years, when the English settlers started colonizing the continent of America, the Statue of Liberty has stood on the shores of New York and welcomed weary immigrants, welcoming them without discrimination to the “land of the free and the home of the brave.“ Even prior to 9/11 it is popular among those seeking tattoos to be inked permanently on their bodies for its symbolism and meaning in terms of individual freedom of choice, and the right to live and proper in the manner best suited to the individual in the pursuit of happiness. Liberty, justice and freedom are the cornerstones that have built the nation that we know to be America today, and the Statue of Liberty tattoo best represents these sublime qualities enshrined in the American constitution.

Having understood why the Statue of Liberty tattoo has always been a favorite among patriotic tattoo forms and symbols, we shall now go on to explore why it’s become so popular a tattoo form post 9/11. The events as they unfolded on Sept 11 2000, when brazen terrorist attacks destroyed the twin towers, and as a shocked America and the rest of the world helplessly watched, 343 firefighters, 23 police department officers and 37 Port authority cops were killed trying to rescue victims who were stranded in the blazing towers that were about to collapse. Thousands of civilians lost their lives too in this carnage. A number of Americans sought to permanently ink patriotic symbols like the Statue of Liberty tattoo form on their bodies, to pay homage to the dead, as this symbolized meaning and purpose for the wearer of the tattoo, and also to remind all that America and the individual will “never forget.”

The Statue of Liberty Tattoo, post 9/11 became a symbol and reminder for a number of Americans and people the world over, who lost loved ones or simply watched the terror strikes, as a mark of respect to those that lost their lives to needless and senseless terror, to constantly remind them of the memories of their loved ones, that passed on.

The Statue of Liberty tattoo form has come to symbolize the open arms extended by a generous nation, that this is a county of refuge and freedom.

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