Sun and Moon Tattoos

The sun and moon have been popular in other art forms so it was natural it would also be a favorite with ink enthusiasts. In most cases the best tattoo designs are based on paintings and other artwork in other mediums.

Tattoos of sun or moons do not fall into a primary masculine or feminine category. They appeal equally to both sexes.

Sun Tattoos

The sun is a universal symbol that everybody is exposed to and is appreciated for the life it gives us. It is an essential element of life. The rising sun is something we can count on. With no sun we cannot have life.

In many cultures, the sun is the symbol for energy, light, and warmth. The moon on the other hand is a symbol for power and mystery. They are opposites that form a perfect balance. They bring us dark and light, warmth and cold, growth and rest. The two images combined create a feeling of harmony and balance.

Some of the early civilizations even worshiped a sun god. Ancient cultures credited the sun for their existence. The Romans, Egyptians, and Aztecs revered the sun and it played a part in their religions. In Christianity, the sun is often a symbol related to Jesus Christ.

Getting a tattoo to symbolize starting a new phase in a life or a chance to start a better part of a life is a popular occurrence. A sun is one of the popular tattoo designs for this type of celebration. The sun is a reminder that things are looking bright and a bright future lays ahead.

Moon Tattoos

Celestial tattoos have been very popular in various civilizations and cultures. The moon usually holds a more magical and mystical meaning.

They say that the cycle of the moon affects the ocean tides as well as humans nature. The pull of the moon affects our bodies on a subtle physical level. Research shows that the cycles of the moon can produce a range of physical symptoms from flare-ups of gout to bladder problems.

Some people prefer one or the other and some individuals like the idea of getting both images incorporated into one tattoo design. Another option is to have a symbol of each on opposite parts of the body. I have a Celtic moon on one shoulder and a matching Celtic sun on the other. I didn’t plan it that way but after getting the moon it felt unbalanced so a couple of years later I got a matching opposite – the sun.

These two images the sun and the moon, can be represented in a variety of ways although a realistic rendering would actually be a bit on the boring side. Although a sunrise can be a beautiful thing to behold in person, it is hard to translate that beauty into a tattoo when the only thing is a whitish yellow ball. Same thing if you try to depict the moon in a realistic fashion. Think about it and you’ll realize that a white shape on a black background alone can tend to be a little boring visually. That’s why the majority of tattoo design will have faces attributed to the moon and sun.

Lots of times these two images are combined with other elements. They go well with zodiac symbols, stars, and flowers. It’s also attractive to see these two elements done in a tribal or Celtic style.

When trying to choose the perfect location to place the tattoo you must consider the shape of the image. It’s always best to fit the shape of the image with the area of the body you want a place it. For instance you may have a colorful rendering of the sun which is basically circular shape. In most cases the leg is not a suitable choice for placement. The legs are better off with a longer image or one that wraps around the legs. Roundish shaped images, like the sun, do well anywhere on the back, the upper arms, or chest area. If you’re unsure of the location that would be most suitable for the tattoo you want, don’t hesitate to discuss it with your tattoo artist. They are the experts and can give you some sound advice since they deal with this every day.

The moon and sun make a perfect choice for a tattoo. And the combinations and styles enable you to create a unique composition.

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