Tatoo Aftercare

Do not remove your bandage for at least two hours. This will give your body adequate time to form a protective barrier called a “Scab”.

Do not pick scabs! If you pick at your tatoo, you will tear “flesh” from your body. Inside this raw flesh, is the tatoo ink your artist just spent hours tediously pounding into your precious flesh. Picking of scabs will result in scarring, color loss, and an “ass chewing” from your tatoo artist. So don’t pick!

In an attempt to keep scabbing to a minimal, it is important to give your fresh tatoo a smooth, lathery wash once a day (that means only once a day). It is especially important directly after removing the bandage.

After washing, apply a thin layer of healing lotion to your tatoo. Apply a fragrance free lotion to your tatoo 2-3 times daily. “Lotion” means nothing with petroleum, that includes Vaseline or A&D Ointment. Petroleum products don’t allow the skin to breathe. Their sticky surface attracts all sorts of infectious material. So don’t use anything petroleum based.

Do not soak your tatoo for any reason! No pools, no lakes, no lengthy stays in water.

The sun will peal the paint off of a car, so obviously it can have an effect on your tatoo. Keep out of direct sunlight for at least a month. There after, always apply a strong sun block to your tatoo before going into direct sunlight.

If you follow these simple tatoo after care instructions especially “Don’t pick”, you won’t have any problems with your new tatoo.

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