Tatoo Removal Methods

What if you have a tattoo that you really don’t want to live with?

Tatoos can be removed, but the procedures are expensive and don’t always produce very good results. There are several different procedures to choose from. Each procedure works best in particular circumstances (depending on the size and location of the tatoo, for instance). If you are considering tatoo removal, do some research. A plastic surgeon or a dermatologist (skin doctor) should be able to help you.

Methods of tatoo removal include:

  • Surgical Removal – where doctors insert a balloon under your skin and cut away the tatoo.
  • Dermabrasion – where the doctors sand away your tatoo.
  • Salabrasion – where they soak your tatoo in a salt solution to suck out the ink. This may leave some discoloration.
  • Scarification – in which they use an acid that removes the tatoo but leaves a scar.
  • Laser Surgery where a laser is used to burn away the ink. This is probably the most effective method, but even this method can leave some scarring or discoloration.

All of these methods can be as painful and disfiguring as they sound.

If you have a tatoo that you want to hide or remove, covering up with make-up is always an option. There are some heavy, thick products designed for this kind of camouflage.

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