Tattoo Design Ideas

Have you been wanting to get a tattoo but don’t have an exact idea or not sure what you want?

Tattoos are so popular and there are so many ideas but many of us feel stuck at times on the exact tattoo we want to get. For me I often feel stuck when I think of how permanent a tattoo is.

I see a lot of cool designs that I like at the time but when I start thinking about the having it permanently done I start to change my mind and look for something else.

Others have the idea or rough plan of what they want but they can’t find any good source material or flash that matches what they want. Some of our customers state that they have spent months looking for a certain tattoo design. They look through all of the flash sites and etc. but still can not find what they are looking for. This is a huge problem, you end up wasting a lot of time and feeling frustrated.

However there are some simple ways around this problem.

1. First you should always pull ideas for tattoos from things that you like or are into

Don’t go and get a tattoo just because you saw someone with one and you thought he or she was cool. A tattoo will be with you forever and so it should be something from you not from outside. Along these lines don’t do the stupid thing of going out to get a tattoo with a friend and be pressured into getting the same thing he or she gets just because you don’t want to look stupid. Tattoos are permanent and therefore should state something about you and what you love. Therefore if you spend time just thinking about the things you like and things that you identify yourself with you are likely to come up with some great ideas. For example for me I love being outdoor and nature and so I like star tattoos a lot and nature themes. I also like a lot of the native American and traditional Japanese designs. My wife is from Japan and she has this plan of getting a Cherry tree branch full of cherry blossoms across her back. These are very significant images for the Japanese. They symbolizes the new year and new life or even renewal of life. So as you can see your tattoo should be something you identify with.

2. Once you have some rough ideas it is typically time to go online and look for some images

Now lets take the Cherry blossom for example. Some place you could look for a tattoo would be clip art. You can search using Google’s image search feature or go to Microsoft online clipart gallery. Either place you can find either a clip art drawn piece or actual source photos. Both will lead you to some good source materials that will help in the design stage.

3. Next you want to take you source materials (photos or clip art) and show them to a tattoo artists

You might also try some initial sketches if you are artistically inclined. Even something with simple line art or pigeon scratches can tell you tattoo artists a lot about what you are looking for. So take everything you got and show it to your tattoo artist and then let them design the tattoo for you. Remember the more accurate and detailed you can be with your description the more happy you are going to be with the results and the whole process will be much easier.

4. Most tattoo artists will then provide you with an actual design shaded in and with color and the line art of the design

If you are getting this done online then you can take that to your local tattoo parlor and find some one to do the actual tattoo for you. Often you can also ask for referrals from the original tattoo artists. Typically they can do the work themselves if you live within driving range.

If you take these steps into consideration and actually do a little bit of homework and find your source materials and provide lots of details about what you are looking for then you are sure to get the design of your dreams.

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