Tattoo Design In Cultural History

It may be hard to believe but a tattoo design can say many things about a person’s personality. Common tattoos found on individuals may signify life-changing events such as graduation from high school, a new child or even a romantic interest. But there are very few instances in the public realm, outside of prison systems, where the tattoo can mean the difference between life and death.

The art tattoo has come into popular culture in many forms. Ancient ritualized markings denoting caste levels, honor to various gods and goddesses as well as accomplishments have found themselves at the end of a tattoo machine for the modern human canvas as a way to show personal expression and individuality in a world of corporate conformity.

Early tattoos have been discovered on every populated continent and group of people ranging from Polynesia to Native Americans and Vikings. Early explorers discovered the mummified bodies of ancient Egyptians elected for many years to not make the discovery of tattoos known to the public due to the negative reaction that it might generate. This nondisclosure was not made public until 1891.

One of the benefits of Henna is that it is a natural product. As such there is a great leeway for experimentation in design. Traditional designs do not have to be used and there are many kits available that include design patterns. The henna tattoo removal is simply the skin replenishing the cells and forcing the dye out of the body.

The language of the tattoo used to be a secret code known only to those in the » know» but with research the meanings have come to light. The social hierarchy of the criminal world is understood. If a criminal tattoo’s an untruth or exaggeration the punishment inflicted by others is harsh. The tattoo is either cut off or sandpapered off.

A note of caution concerning henna is the use of a product labeled as «black henna» or an indigo. Natural henna does not come in dark shades. The dark colors are actually made by combining henna with a chemical. There can be very harsh side effects such as skin blistering. As with any product, even a natural one such as henna, there can be allergic reactions.

A great suggestion when looking for a good place to get your tattoos and piercing’s is to do a online search to check if there have been any lawsuits filed against the artist. When shop owners start getting careless customers are at risk and lawsuits begin. There was a lawsuit brought against a shop owner recently where the customer was infected with a flesh eating bacterium by the use of unsanitary equipment.

It is not uncommon for people to turn to the art tattoo artist to leave a work of beauty etched permanently onto their skin. Such television shows as TLC’s Miami Ink show incredible works of art being tattooed. The human skin becomes the canvas for memorials of fallen loved ones or pictures of children and art work that have a lasting mark through the tattoo design on the person.

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