Tattoo Fonts – Add to the Beauty of a Tattoo Design

The Regular English Tattoo Font

Decorating the body with marks as in a tattoo requires special attention to the tattoo fonts to be used. Tattoos are widely accepted by society today as a form of body art. As an art, careful consideration of the design is important. Some popular designs include words and letters with the image on it. Actually, all types of fonts can be used for a tattoo.

Technology had helped tattoo artists today to make these incredible body marks come to life. Tattoo fonts generated from computer software are also a trend today. With the help of a program, tattoo fonts can be merged with tattoo design to produce the actual tattoo pattern. This can then be printed and traced by the artist on the client’s skin.

Some tattoo fonts that we can see are big ones, designed to be more visible. Most of them used the old English font for these big letters. Monograms are also very common tattoo font. Together with two or three letters that usually stand for initials forms the design. Other commonly used tattoo fonts are the icy or snowy fonts to reflect coolness. The opposite fiery or flaming fonts are also popularly used.

In most cases, tattoo fonts are used to form words such as names or letters as initials of a significant person. Some intricate details can be made on this single letters as a tattoo design. Usually, couples that are dating or married like this type of tattoo font.

The Kanji Japanese Calligraphy Tattoo Fonts

Another type of tattoo font is the kanji symbols. The original Kanji style is a primitive, natural, rounded and formal way of writing on bones. Primarily used by Japanese in different calligraphy styles and purpose. A number of Japanese designers use the style to create an old fashioned look as in a restaurant.

As the years passed, Kanji symbols had evolved into a more stylish form and shapes. Today, there are two most popular style of tattoo fonts used from Kanji symbols.

  • SOSHO Kanji Style – This is the most cursive and modern style compared to the others. The drawing appears to be flowing more smoothly and this is usually achieved by using a brush. SOSHO style can be seen in Karate and Aikido places. It was also used in the movie Last Samurai. This is considered the font that has a 100% Japanese look especially by the westerners.
  • MINCHO Kanji Style – This is a formal and the most commonly used Japanese characters. These fonts are usually found in daily newspapers and magazines. It is the equivalent of the Times New Roman font of the English letters. If you get the chance to visit Japan, it is the kind of font you will see almost everywhere. Today, mixed with modern, round, pop designs MINCHO fonts slowly gains popularity in print ads and billboards.

Here, you will see the difference between the two Kanji Japanese calligraphies. SOSHO is the flowing style while MINCHO is the formal style.

Tattoo fonts, however, simple or complex needs to be scrutinized. Knowing the meaning and its origin of your tattoo is cool while using the appropriate and correct tattoo font adds to the beauty of your tattoo design.

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