Tattoo Ideas for Men

In case you are man and want to have a tattoo but you do not have tattoo suggestions and more so tattoo ideas for men, sit back and wait. There is no cause for alarm. There are countless tattoo designs for guys and men, with a variety from zodiac signs to traditional tribal signs as well as religious logos to trendy dragon signs.

You just have to look through the tattoo parlor design directory or search for a tattoo for men magazine and choose the style that you feel is lovely. If you are doing it for the first time, you could do with a little information about the most suitable body areas and parts for placing the tattoos for men.

If you are a man the suitable places for a tattoo include:

  • The bicep or upper arm
  • Neck
  • Chest or pectorals
  • Forear
  • Nape of the neck
  • Shoulder blades
  • Upper back
  • Waist
  • Upper and lower
  • Waist

The place that you will have the tattoo done depends on the preference of the tattoo design, your body physique and type and if you can handle the tattoo well. Below are some admired tattoo ideas for men.

Zodiac Symbols and Signs

Zodiac signs and symbols have always been and will always be the most liked preference tattoo ideas for men not forgetting the ladies. You can go for the tattoo that stands for your star symbol. For instance, those with the Taurus sign could get a Brahma Bull while those with Leo sign could have a fiery Lion as the Scorpios guys pick a venomous scorpion and so on. A zodiac idea for a tattoo is a good mirror image of the personality, beliefs and character traits of the person having it.

Tribal Body Tattoo Designs

Tribal tattoos are the most preferred tattoo symbols when it comes to tattoo ideas for men. They come in a wide variety of preferences like the Hawaiian tattoos, Samoan tattoos, Maori tattoos, Celtic design tattoos, Egyptian design tattoos, Polynesian designs, Japanese tattoos, Haida design tattoos among others. Tribal tattoos are the most sought after when picking suitable ones for the shoulder, arms, back as well as shoulder blades.

Birds and Animals

Animals, fish, birds and insects are also among the favorite tattoo styles for both women and men. Among the popular tattoo designs include tigers, bears, cheetahs, horses, elephants, jaguars, dolphins, foxes, wolves, giraffes, rams, monkeys, bats, lions and so on. Tattoos of butterflies, sparrows and doves are common with women while men like falcons, hawks, eagles etc. Although it is an imaginative creature mostly made fashionable by Hollywood films, the fire-breathing dragon is the most preferred choice in tattoo ideas for men.

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