Tattoo Me Now Review

Inking a tattoo on you is a very important decision in your life. It is as important as finding your partner or taking a job or making an investment. Why? Well, generally inking a tattoo is a permanent affair, fairly expensive and a little painful. So you would want it for life. If you make a wrong decision on the design and regret it later, you may have to through even greater expense of laser tattoo removal which is also painful. Hence in this TattooMeNow review I would like to emphasize as to why you should choose Tattoo Me Now designs and why they are a safer bet than most others.

1. Tattoo Design Variety:

I would like to state in this TattooMeNow review that this is a website that has 5000 original, beautiful and exclusive tattoo designs that are a delight to watch and download. The designs are divided into over 40 categories and you can choose your category to narrow down your search. Each category has many unique designs and so you may need some leisure to go through the elimination or selection process.

2. Features of TattooMeNow Membership:

This TattooMeNow membership has a number of features that are really user-friendly. TattooMeNow not only offers unique designs but also allows you to create your own unique design. How? It allows you to look at various designs and if you are interested in a combo design then it allows you to combine various designs to create an exclusive tattoo for you. After all you are looking for a tattoo that enhances your personality and individuality, right? The features offered are:

  • Exclusive tattoo gallery for members
  • Tattoo design gallery
  • Forum for discussion
  • Video Vault
  • Tattoo parlor Directory
  • Updates on events, articles on tattoos, news and resources available.

3. Feedback Feature:

Let me assure you on this TattooMeNow review that this is a very special feature. After you select or design your tattoo, you can take a print out and get the tattoo inked by professional tattooist. After that, you can upload your photo of your inked tattoo for other members to view and comment. Seeing a design inked on the body has a better visual affect and this will help others in making a choice and so will you have used the same feature while making your decision.

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I hope this TattooMeNow review will helps you to make your decision easier whether to sign up on TattooMeNow. It is economical, user friendly, constantly updated and committed to help tattoo lovers to find unique design for tattooing as fast as possible.

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