Tattoo Removal and Fading

When you are unhappy with a poor quality or totally inappropriate tattoo you have options. Tattoo removal clinics have become as common as tattoo parlors. When choosing a tattoo, you would certainly never want to put yourself into a position where you are faced with the desire or necessity of considering removing your tattoo. When choosing your tattoo design do so with the attitude that it will be permanent.

Tattoo removal is more painful than getting the tattoo and more expensive than the tattoo originally cost. Often, multiple sessions are required and it can be a lengthy process usually taking months to complete. Healing of the skin is required in between sessions. The time frame that the process will take is highly dependent on the size of the tattoo, the colors used, and the skin type of the person. I highly recommend making an appointment with a reputable dermatologist to evaluate your individual situation and determine the options open to you.

Laser tattoo removal has come a long way and is successful at completely removing a tattoo without much scarring. It is probably the best option if you are able to afford the treatments. A laser removes tattoos from the skin by rapidly pulsing a specific wavelength of light onto the area. These wavelengths pass through the top layers of skin and are absorbed by the cells that hold the tattoo pigments. Because the light is flashing so quickly, it breaks up these pigment-filled cells, which are flushed out naturally by your body.

Tattoo Removal Creams – If you are unable to afford laser treatments, you can purchase over the counter tattoo removal creams. Although many do not believe this method works, others testify to positive results. Before you choose this route, do some research on the different products currently on the market. The cost of tattoo removal creams may be the deciding factor to choose this option.

Tattoo Cover Up – Depending on the size and color of the tattoo you wish to remove, you can also consider another option – getting your tattoo covered. A talented artist is usually able to cover up old work so it is completely undetectable.

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