Polynesian tattoos go back to ancient times. They and most other ethnic tattoos were used to symbolize your place in society. Since there was no written language, a person could look at your and tell your story.

The tattoo represented a rite of passage. The tattoo process was very lengthy and painful. Polynesians were tattooed several times over their lifetimes. They may have first received a tattoo when going into adolescence and again into adulthood. Both men and women were heavily tattooed. Polynesian tattoos were symbols of courage, honor and gave protection.

The Polynesian islands are a group of over a thousand islands in the Pacific Ocean. Polynesian tattoos include tattoos from

* Samoa
* Hawaii
* Tahiti
* New Zealand
* Easter Island and many more.

Each society has a different meaning for their tattoos. If you want a tattoo based on a specific meaning for a culture, you should do some serious specific research on that culture and its tattoos. You do not want to get a tattoo and have it mean something that you don’t intend.

Polynesian tattoos have influenced and been influenced by Western tattoo cultures. Many western civilizations now use Polynesian tattoos for their intricate beauty. Most tattoos take up a large amount of body space. Some people were tattooed over their whole body except the face. Not many people would want to endure the painful process that is uniquely Polynesian, but we do like to use the unique tattoo designs.

An important step to getting a good Polynesian tattoo is to make sure you have a good tattoo artist. Don’t be afraid to look through their samples. This is something that will be with you forever, don’t trust it to just anyone.

Don’t trust the design to a picture you might pick up off the Internet. Take your time, research the kind of Polynesian tattoo you want to get and then look through online tattoo galleries to find the right one.


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