Not everybody can carry skull tattoos since they tend to signify death. Skull tattoos also signify truth and overall human conditions such as death and destruction. Skull tattoos are hardly evil portent of doom and though it is a universal symbol of victory of death over evil, it also represents a symbol of St. Jerome and St. Francis of Assisi.

Skull tattoos are also a symbol of sacrifice and forgiveness and it also represents hate. In a skull tattoo the end of the skull represents temporary nature of life. Along with skull tattoos there have also come various legends, stories and dreams. There are a number of peppery stories related with skull tattoos such as pirates and Hitler too.

If you look at the real meaning then skull tattoos does not represent end of life but signal that bones tend to last longer than the rest of the body and skull separated from skeleton has become a symbol of black magic.

There are a number of skull tattoos designs available such as crossbones, simple skull and also wild flaming skull. There are a number of ways in which you could incorporate skull in a tattoo. You could tangle your skull tattoos in a barbed wire or create death’s head moth. Just think of a skull tattoo design and get ready to incorporate it in your body. Certainly only the daring can get skull tattoos on their body as people tend to be afraid of them but you should not fear skull tattoos.


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