Tattoos — Are You Ready For It?

Permanent skin designs are now quite ordinary. Needles that have been filled with ink are used to stain skin with designs that will leave a mark on one’s skin forever. If you decide to have one done on your skin, results are unalterable. You should take this factor into consideration before even thinking about having a tattoo done on you, especially in your choice of design.

Both my sister and I are artists. She is forever full of bold and new ideas. We could be alike in many ways but at odds when it comes to the bold side of things. I am quite content with my low key earrings that only need teeny weenie holes in both ears, but tattoos for me, never.

For me, seeing the same design on your skin day in day out could be quite unsettling. I would want to be able to change my accessories, such as my earrings to go with my present disposition or the circumstances. Different things that could be expected everyday are what makes us excited and hopeful. If by some quirk of fate I decide to get a tattoo, I would still end up having the salon frequently update it or add something to the design to suit my highs and lows. No, I don’t think tattoos would be ideal for an individual such as me.

Conversely, my sister is so passionate about the skin markings she has on her right now. She drew her own tattoo design that is really quite impressive. I measured the entire length and width of her back and laid out her drawing on a large sheet of paper.

My sister drew a picture of a cat for her tattoo design. The cat’s back is facing out and its head is turned so it is looking at the onlooker. The cat’s spine follows my sister’s spine nearly to the small of her back. There, the tail curves beautifully around the image. This magnificent tattoo design almost completely fills her entire back area. While it is quite beautiful and cleverly designed, she often laments that it is just too much for her small frame.

Before giving this art media a try, take into consideration how much part of your skin you are willing to cover with marks permanently. An amazing idea such as my sister’s cat could actually cost too much plus the fact that the tattoo will be permanently inked on your skin and having it taken out will cause money and some pain. Right now, my sister is holding on to her cat design and deliberating some more if she really wants to have that cat on her back.

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