Tattoos For Girls Aren’t Always Girly Any More

Feminist thinking is an issue of which both conservatives and liberals are aware. Today, women have begun the process of challenging roles from which they have long been excluded. An excellent example of this has occurred in tattoo parlors, where tattoos for girls have changed dramatically.

You’ve probably seen a lot of movies, pictures, television shows, or magazine advertisements that feature women with tattoos. These tattoos are probably on the lower back, ankle, or hip. They definitely make the women who wear them look sexy. These tattoos are probably of a butterfly, flower, or similar object.

Each of those mentioned is popular with women, and for an excellent reason. These designs are sexy and appealing to men, and the women wearing them are not going to become tired of seeing those designs. A lot of girls find these tattoos to be perfect selections. These designs hint that the wearer has a feminine nature, and are not so prominent that they attract excessive attention.

For those women looking for a unique tattoo, however, they might consider getting a bit creative and daring. Consider favorite hobbies. Perhaps some sports design would be a good choice. Perhaps there is a famous quote that you would consider having tattooed on your skin. These designs can also be made to look more feminine through the use of ornate embellishments, such as flowers and vines.

Girls don’t have to be tattooed just exactly the way everyone thinks they ought to be tattooed any more. You can show off great arms by getting a tattoo on one. Alternatively, if your legs are your best feature, show them off with a great design there. Consider your entire body a canvas waiting for the masterpiece of your dreams!

For those who just cannot make the decision about which design to get, consider seeking inspiration for your creativity. Look through examples of tattoos other people have received. Consider asking friends or colleagues where they found their ideas. Search through the internet, or browse the galleries at a nearby tattoo parlor for ideas.

Consider more adventurous designs as well. Do you have a favorite movie? Watching it again might give you an idea for the perfect design. If you have a favorite song, or a favorite band, consider some of the lyrics. Maybe this will give you an idea for the perfect tattoo.

The best thing about getting a tattoo is that it is all about YOU. The design choice is YOURS. The location choice is YOURS. Tattoos for girls can be as girly — or as not girly — as you want them to be.

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