Tattoos on Dark Skin

I have thought and had experience as regards to the tattooing of color upon a number of skin colors including tattoos on dark skin. Presently, with the increasing of my clients, the opportunity to work on different skin types and tones has presented itself in different ethnicities.

I therefore believe that skin types and skin tones are a topic that should be covered right here. The issue of color can be quite interesting. It should be note that we are not drawing or painting. Tattoo color never lies on the skin the way some colored mediums that are applied to different surfaces do. Tattoo color is often injected into a person’s skin therefore the pigments including black will get the effect of the natural pigment of the skin.

Tattoos on dark skin require much more effort from the artist and this goes for when they are dealing with their customer as well as when they are doing the work. The main problem that comes up when dark skin is being tattooed is when the ink is viewed from beneath the skin some colors become dull or muted.

Due to this, the person who does the tattooing should evaluate the client’s skin and go on to make recommendations on the basis of what they see.

Skin that is coffee colored can look good with a number of colors but people whose skin color is darker could wish to avoid some colors. For darker skinned people, the best colors are grey, black and red. For the very dark people, black is ideal.

It is obvious then that this will limit the number of designs that one can use because for a number of designs, color separation is important if they are to look good. It is at this point that the artist should let the client know that they should compromise if they are to get the best outcome.

Size really matters as well if someone is going to get a tattoo on dark skin as well. The size of the tattoo is directly proportional to its distinction in many cases. You will want the design to entail a big surface area so that it can be recognized easily. Due to the surface being darker, tiny tattoos often take the look of a blob bearing non-descriptive ink when one is standing from far.

You should therefore convince the client to take the biggest design that can be carefully handled in a particular area in order to ensure that this problem is avoided.

The most important thing to note is that dark skin should be tattooed in a manner that lets out the contrast so that it can stand out. It is easy for thin lines to get lost, but thicker bolder lines will show on dark skin better. You could be required to repeat the tattoo several times, but much care is needed at this point.

A large, sparse tattoo entailing bold lines will have a much better look compared to a tight, small tattoo bearing thin lines. Hopefully, the above tips are going to help you get the ideal results when making tattoos on dark skin.

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