Taurus Tattoos

One of the most recognizable creatures of the zodiac is, of course, the bull.

That may be because Taurus has been around for such a long time. If you see someone with a bull tattoo you know that they generally have one because of one of two reasons: they love the Chicago baseball team (in which case the bull is generally red) or because they are a Taurus and are proud of their zodiac sign.

Surprisingly enough, however, most people who are under the Taurus sign do not even understand how the bull came to be in the sky in the first place!

Acutally that is a question for the scholars, not for those who are looking for Taurus tattoos, simply because unlike so many other zodiac symbols, it is very difficult to figure out why Taurus is in the sky.

We do know that Taurus is one of the older constellations to be identified, and some people even believe that Taurus is represented as a cave painting which was done around 15,000 BCE.

One reason why Taurus is such an old constellation may be because his constellation is the closest to the sun during the vernal equinox. The Greek say that it is because Zeus transformed into a bull in order to abduct the beautiful princess Europa.

If you’re looking for Taurus tattoos, there are a lot of options available to you. One fun thing about Taurus tattoos is that you can make a tattoo out of both the symbol, and the actual bull, when you put them together correctly.

Add your own flair to the design, or your artists flair, and you’ll have unique Taurus tattoos that no one else has, and that is easily understandable by anyone who happens to see your tattoo.

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