Temporary Swallow Tattoos

Temporary swallow tattoos are no more a new thing! Tattoos are the in thing in today’s fashion world and you would really be considered out of the fashion unless you get yourself tattooed. However, these tattoos are mostly permanent and hurt a lot. Nowadays, you will find going for temporary tattoos that they can keep changing from time to time and would hurt them a lot less, both physically and financially.

As far as swallow tattoos are concerned, swallows are a group of birds mostly found in Europe and mostly the sailors wore such tattoos in the past. It was said that they acted as a license for them. In the olden days, it is said that when a sailor crossed 5000 miles or more in the sea, he was tattooed with a swallow on the chest as an award. The swallow was also supposed to protect him from drowning in the waters. During such times, the swallow was considered an omen for a safe journey. Over the years, the swallow tattoos went on to be a sign of trust, respect and adulation.

Since swallow tattoos do not mean too much these days, it is preferred that you wear them first temporary just to check whether you are ready to live with them long enough or not.

Swallows are considered to be mostly a bullish bird and people wanting to sport such a persona can very well wear them. After all, your style should speak of who you actually are!! Robbie Williams have inked a couple of swallow tattoo too.

So, let your temporary swallow tattoo do your speaking and win you applause.

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