The 3 Major Causes Why Your Tattoo Colors Fade

Fade of tattoo colors is a common problems for all the tattoo lovers. For some colors, they are going to be faded very rapidly especially for the colors of yellow, purple, orange or magenta, since their fade resistance is not very high. Furthermore, There are some major factors that make your tattoo color fade faster that you think. Therefore, you must take these hidden color fading factors into consideration too.

1) Ultraviolet Light

It’s the light from the sun that make your tattoo color fade rapidly. Hence, this does not means you have to avoid yourself from the sun light forever like a “vampire”. It’s just that excessive amounts of sun will fade tattoos. It fades about the same rate your skin degrades when exposing it to the sunlight too much.

People often say their tattoo looks much older than it really is. All I can say to it is they probably exposed themselves too much to the sun, didn’t take care of it properly during the healing process or the artist simply did not apply the pigment correctly.

2) Tattoo Application

The tattoo application itself is the another cause. I have noticed the more experienced an artist is the better he can apply the pigment correctly and the less it fades. Therefore, it’s is crucial to make your your tattoo is inked by those professional or experienced tattoo artists. But,it of course, you need to pay a bit extra higher price for them to work for your tattoo.

3) Skin Aging

Your skin will be aged when times goes by. It’s unavoidable too for your tattoo as well. In fact, there is no way around it. You have to take a good care of your skin against the aging clock if you want the tattoo to look good in the future.

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