The Ancient Egyptian Tattoo Designs

Egypt is region of tradition and has a lot of mythological stories surrounding gods and also goddesses who considered as combination of both human and animal. This led to adopting of mythical Egyptian tattoo designs which creates mystery around you.

In the western world tattoos were first adopted by men. Women placing tattoos caught on later. But, if you look at the Egyptian religion, you will find that it was the women who had tattoos on them. These were in the form of dots and dashes usually used during fertility rites. Egyptian tattoo designs were mainly placed on the pelvic and pubic area of women to denote sexuality and passion.

Egyptian tattoo designs come in vivid colors, with a vibrant luster and intricate artistry. Some of the most inspirational Egyptian tattoo designs are taken from the hieroglyphics (the pictographic language of the Egyptians) sphinxes, phoenix, black sinewy cats, a ram or hawk head on a lion’s body, camels and scarab beetles.

Mythological Egyptian tattoo designs include Isis, (Woman who with a headdress in the temple liked shape) Osiris. (A mummified liked man who are wearing a white and cone-like feathered headdress) Horus. (is a Hawk-like God who with a hawk’s head and a human body) Bastet. (A woman with a cat head) Amun. (is a ram-man with ostrich head.) Amun Ra. (god sun integration) Cleopatra and so on.

Egyptian tattoo art design from the magical creative amulets includes the ankhs (traditional symbol that represent total physical and also eternal life. for both physical and eternal life), the eye of pillars, Horus, cobras and others. The earliest known tattoo is an image of the demi-god Bes. It would be correct to say that Egypt is one of the originating places of the tattoo culture though now it is not very prevalent due to Moslem supremacy who disregard tattoo.

Egyptian tattoo designs also gives the tattoo artists scope for experimenting with new color schemes and combinations. People have always been attracted to anything dark and secretive. Egyptian tattoo designs amply enhance this quality.

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