The Best Chinese Tattoo Meanings

Most people get fascinated by Chinese designs due to their unique Chinese tattoo meanings. They make use of semi-experienced translators, the online dictionary or free download for all the Asian words. Nevertheless, are you aware that all these are not credible? This is because your meaning can be turned into a joke or nonsense.

What if you choose some appealing Chinese symbols straight from a tattoo shop and presume that they sand for loyalty. Nonetheless it is not possible to be sure that the symbols bear the correct meaning. They could also mean ‘heart’ devoid of the loyalty part. I know that is not what you want.

The meanings of tattoos have turned out to be quite expressive in themselves. Unluckily, some of them are not accurate as they have quite a number of mistakes. If you want the best outcome you should engage the services of a Chinese professional.

Strange Meaning — Britney Spears’ design Britney has a flower bearing a Chinese character next to her navel. At first she believed that the symbol stood for ‘mysterious’. Upon further scrutiny it was established that it actually meant ‘weird’. This then brings about confusion because instead of sending a charming message the queen of pop ends up sending a message of being ‘weird.

Good Meaning – Chinese Symbol of Megan Fox The Chinese tattoo you choose should express the valuable things to you. A number of entertainment stars have selected tattoos that bear great meanings. An example is Megan Fox who is a celebrity in Hollywood and the hottest diva. She bears a Chinese design upon her neck and it means strength. This meaning depicts her the way she has risen to stardom. Megan Fox requires not only the physical strength, but mental strength to be on top of the game on Tinseltown.

Incorrect Meanings – The Tattoo Tragedy of a Woman a woman had her body tattooed with a Chinese symbol she believed meant ‘freedom’ and wanted to express her belief. Later on, she realized that the characters actually meant ‘free of charge’. That was such an embarrassment! In addition, there are people who prefer to develop their own Chinese designs. They make a combination of the ‘love’ and ‘power’ Chinese tattoo meanings to come up with ‘powerful love’. What comes up in the end is not creativity but rather wrong meaning or ambiguity. Why not get the services of an expert as a means of getting the correct design?

Philosophical Meaning— Chinese saying of David Beckham The best tattoo symbols are basically those with unique Chinese sayings. I have discovered that people prefer phrases and quotes that express truth. With the following that Chinese tattoos are gaining, more people are engaging the services of Chinese experts to get ancient wisdom and great quotes. David Beckham who is a celebrity is tattooed with good philosophical meaning which reads “Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honor depend on heaven”. This has gained him much attention with the media. People praise him for being good with tattoos.

Ideal Meanings – Chinese Expert Custom Tattoos

It is possible to get ideal tattoo meanings straight from a credible Chinese professional or expert. Get a person who is fluent in Chinese to English translation. You cannot overrule the importance of an expert when it comes to cultural idioms, special phrases and customs sayings. Are you aware that quite a number of people are in the market for tattoos with great meanings? Do not try to be an expert on your own. Do not get anywhere near online dictionaries or free downloads and in the same breath avoid funny, wrong and weird tattoo meanings. Get the services of a professional for the best Chinese tattoo meanings.

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