The Best Cross Tattoos on Fingers

Have you ever seen the very unique cross tattoo on fingers?

Tattoos are always cool, but cross tattoos on fingers are especially cool. They are always attention grabbing. They really make people wonder about a person’s motivations and the meaning behind them.

If you get a tattoo on your fingers, it can mean many different things. It could mean that you care a great deal about something. On the other hand, it could represent that you care about nothing. It might just be a cool fashion statement, though. Finger tattoos are definitely unique.

As for the cross, obviously, it’s a symbol of the Christian faith. Crosses are also often sported by sailors, though. The cross is also often meant to symbolize parents and human needs. The horizontal and vertical lines can represent the mother and the father, for example: The Swastika, or Indian cross, supposedly represents how the world is constantly tribal-cross-tattooschanging. While the Egyptian version, the ankh, is supposed to represent eternal life. In fact, it is viewed as a female astrological sign, too.

The Greek cross, on the other hand, often reminds people of the symbol for the Red Cross. While the anchor cross represents persevering through the bad times. Then, of course, theres the Roman cross. Everyone often thinks of the crucifixion of Jesus when they see a cross.

There are many other types of cross too, including the Maltese cross, Southern cross, Celtic cross and Iron cross. They each have different meanings. So, if you like the idea of getting cross tattoos on fingers, choose a style that best represents you.

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