The Creative Celtic Butterfly Tattoos

Celtic butterfly tattoos have a long history of love and betrayal known as the legend of Etain. However, the meaning of Celtic butterfly tattoos is no limited to this only. The meaning of these tattoos differs from person to person. It’s on of the most important factor you need to consider before you get one.

These tattoos are very appealing as well. If you have one, you will certainly make your presence felt. Usually Celtic butterfly tattoos are preferred by fair sex. Nowadays men are also getting these tattoos. Versatility is another quality of these tattoos, whether you get then alone or with a bigger design, these colorful tattoos will look cool in any style.

Though Celtic butterfly tattoos have a huge appeal by themselves, you can incorporate them in numerous different ways. Butterfly tattoos and Celtic knot work designs go very well with each other. Celtic knots denote the cycle of life in Celts community. Using this knot with the Celtic butterfly tattoo will be the symbol of your pride in your tradition and culture.

Among Irish, butterflies denote souls of people who died in uncertainty. They think these souls are yet to get salvation. Celtic butterfly tattoos related to the beliefs of rebirth as well and signify the lot that range from life after death to remarkable changes. Celtic butterfly tattoos are for you if you trust in rebirth. Theses are also for you if you have seen drastic changes in your life.

Besides these things, these tattoos are also known for harmony and peace. Celtic butterfly tattoos have is full of meanings: Different meaning for different people.

Therefore, if you have one, it’s not necessary that everyone should know the exact meaning of your tattoo. The mystery is one of the reasons behind growing popularity of Celtic butterfly tattoos.

Celtic butterfly tattoos offer huge range of designs, sizes, and colors. Mostly people prefer shoulders and lower back areas for these tattoos. If you wish you can place on other parts of body as well according to the size of the design.

Celtic butterfly tattoos have two basic versions. One is open-winged version and other is closed-winged version. The open-winged version is more popular. Go for closed-wing design, if you want uniqueness in your tattoo.

Whether it’s cool look or versatility, rich legacy or expressiveness; all these features make Celtic butterfly tattoos most suitable for every kind of person. That’s why whether you are a male or female, you can associate yourself with these tattoos for obvious reasons.

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