The Easy Steps to Set Up A Tattoo Gun

Do you know how to set up a tattoo gun?

Every profession is identifiable from the tools it uses. The tattoo industry is no different and the tattoo gun is probably the most vital tool here. What use is everything else without the tattoo gun? The word “gun” is typically not used by a professional tattooist; they would prefer to use the word “machine” or maybe even an “iron”. But have you ever wondered how to set up a tattoo gun, its origin and how a tattoo gun works?

The basis of the first tattoo machine was on Thomas Edison’s invention way back in 1876 called the Autograph Engraver which was used as an engraving machine. In the later years Samuel O’Rielly made some changes to it and that is how the present day tattoo gun with the needle and rod has come about.

The tattoo gun of today is however more refined as compared to its earlier version. With the modern day machine the work done is more well-defined. Tattoo art is so accurate today that it is possible to use it on the delicate areas such as the eyelids and face and its popularity too has increased.

The tattoo gun actually works on alternating current. The movement of the needle can be anything between 80-150 times a second. The speed helps in reducing the irritation of the skin and also helps the tattoo artist to keep his/her hand steady. Many different types of needles are used, to be able to give different effects.

How a tattoo gun works is real simple. It’s possible to even make it at home. However injuring yourself or spreading diseases if the needles are unsafe is a matter of grave concern.

How to set up a tattoo gun is rather simple if you have an ink pen, a small motor preferable battery operated, tooth brush, guitar string, small eraser, tape or any adhesive, sewing needles – few.

Bend the guitar string which is 4-5” in length, slightly at the end. From the pen, remove the ink tube. Cut it to 3 or 4” and take off the brass ball. Ensure that a needle can pass through the opening. Take off the head of the toothbrush and with the help of flame, heat it so that you can bend it and make it into an “L” shape. Join the tube with the needle inside, to the long end of the plastic with adhesive.

Press the eraser into the shaft of the motor trying to keep it in the centre and the motor is to be fixed to the short end of the toothbrush. Now the bent portion of the guitar string needs to be pressed into the eraser, away from the centre and the other end should be attached to the needle through the tube. Remember that control over the gun is inversely proportional to the thickness of the tube. Now you know how to set up a tattoo gun and how a tattoo gun works.

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