The Exciting Yet Intriguing Name Tattoo Games

A common body mark is called name tattoo. It is either the name of the person who wears it or the name of somebody who is close to the heart of the person who has it. It maybe a very important person who must not be forgotten, that is why the name is artistically etched on the skin permanently.

However, how serious could name-tattooyou be to ink a name tattoo permanently on your body? What are the circumstances that could happen? We see famous individuals such as celebrities, international or local who have either regretted or enjoyed their name tattoos.

Let us explore more on these so-called name tattoos.

What could be some reasons why you want to have someone’s name tattooed on you?

Usually, name tattoos are made during a deep involvement of a person in a relationship. This is to show a loved one of his or her importance to the partner. Especially when that someone had passed away, it is a way of always remembering him or her and showing dedication to the other person. The usual name tattoos are boyfriend or girlfriend’s name, spouse’s name or names of their children whom usually referred as the fruits of their love. It is an advantage for married couples but even married couples part ways today. Relationships nowadays do not last but these markings are forever, unless you are willing to have it removed, which is more painful than having them on.

This leads to the name tattoo controversy. The practice to have your partner’s name inked permanently on you usually has a drawback. Several famous celebrities had unpleasant experience such as Hollywood couple Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie, They had their name tattoos on their arms but the relationship ended sooner. Johnny Depp had a tattoo on his arm that reads “Winona Forever” while he was dating the famous Winona Ryder. Since they did not end up together, he had it changed to “Wino Forever” which may not sound pleasant at all.

It is pretty obvious that having a name tattoo instinctively may bring someone in an unpleasant situation. These are famous people, but if you ask around, you may find a similar story from your friend, a relative or the local celebrities in you area that has the same experience as these celebrities.

Despite the disadvantages and the controversies around it, name tattoos are still popular among young lovers. It is really a personal choice to have a name tattoo on. The pleasure one gets when the name tattoo is already etched is reason enough to get one. After all, whatever anyone says, you can only decide for yourself, you can only make that choice for you. A name tattoo or any tattoo design, for that matter, you make the choice.

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