The Increasing Popularity of the Star Tattoo Designs

One of the most commonly requested tattoos is the star tattoo design. It is also one of the classic designs among all the various tattoo designs ever created. The star tattoo design is very popular and most preferred for the following reasons:

  • The star tattoo design is usually the design of choice for first timers. Usually, they are anxious and the star design is a perfect design to introduce these individuals into the tattoo world because these are small, flexible, easy to heal, less painful and easy to cover.
  • The star tattoo design is small thus it costs less. A design pattern can cost only $10 and an artist’s charge may only be range from $50 to $100.
  • Star tattoo designs are easy to tweak into a unique design by the artist in order to express the individual’s personality.
  • Particularly, star tattoo design unlike the modern designs is timeless. It fits any age bracket and it will still be fashionably in and relevant even after a number of years.
  • Star tattoo designs convey a positive outlook. It symbolizes a wide range of belief for light-hearted and fun-loving persons.
  • This star tattoo design is neutral. It is used men, women and even lesbians alike without having the fear of being out of place.
  • There is an enormous supply of the star tattoo design in the market to choose from. Because of the popularity of this design, the market produced more variety to cater to the boosted demand.
  • The star tattoo design’s versatility in location, shapes, colors and styles is one the reason why this design is popular. A collection of star tattoos to form a new unique design is handy. The design is also used to cover unpleasant or unwanted marks or designs in the skin.
  • A star tattoo design is relatively small, thus it is discretely hidden, if the person values privacy.
  • The symmetrical pattern of the star tattoo design renders it unaffected by skin sagging or stretching, as a person grows old. Thus, this is the most favored design.

The location of a star tattoo design should be strategic in order to enhance the character of the design. The ankle, shoulders and the navel areas are the most popular sites of the star tattoo designs. To indicate sensuality, the small of the back has been a very popular location for this star tattoo design. The tattoo location is a very important consideration if you decide to have one. Because a tattoo is a permanent marking on your body it has to be strategic and well thought of. As you grow old, the star tattoo design might be affected with obesity, pregnancy and loss of muscle tone. Decide carefully where to etch your star tattoo design to enjoy it longer.

Don’t get too excited to get that tattoo on. Consider the points mentioned above before going under the needle. Are you sure enough? Then go ahead and get that star tattoo design of your choice!

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