The Knuckle Tattoo Tips

Knuckles are considered a great placement area for tattoos. Knuckle tattoos are symbolic and a fashion statement by itself. They enhance your hand gestures, are always visible and serve as a permanent reminder of the symbolism you project.

Here are some knuckle tattoo tips for you:

1. Knuckle tattoos are always visible and can never be covered unlike the shoulder, back, chest, ankle and other such tattoos. Wearing gloves are not a permanent or wise option. Make doubly sure that you want a knuckle tattoo before you ink one.

2. Knuckle tattoos are prominent since our hands are the most used parts of the body; working, writing, gesturing etc. Your knuckle tattoo will be a main feature of your body and your unique identity in society.

3. Choose the correct design for knuckle tattoos. Lettering is the most popular knuckle tattoo and should be displayed in the front and center. Make sure that the word/words which you use have some important significance and a lasting impression.

4. Four letter epithets are best avoided. These words may sound cool when you are eighteen and have a devil may care attitude. By the time you sober down and come to the thirties you will be ashamed to use the same words.

5. Names are also best avoided unless it is your grandmother’s name. Names of friends and lovers, clubs, gangs and so on are also not permanent and you don’t want to regret that decision.

6. Knuckle tattoos can look great with the proper font. Do some research in the detailed design options and choose the lettering and font which will fit and suit your knuckles and the design/ phrase. Do not limit to standard lettering. Online galleries offer you a wide option.

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