The Legends of Celtic Butterfly Tattoos

The tale of Celtic butterfly tattoos is full of love, betrayal, and revenge. It is known as the legend of Etain. Apart from this story, Celtic butterfly tattoos have different meanings to different individuals who get done one of them. If you are also thinking about having these tattoos, understanding these things is advisable.

Celtic butterfly tattoos are very attractive. If you get one of them, you can make your presence felt wherever you go. Celtic butterfly tattoos are usually more preferred by women than men. However, there are many guys who also like these tattoos. These tattoos are extremely versatile. You can get Celtic butterfly tattoos alone as well as include them into a greater design. They can be very colorful and attractive.

They are extremely impressive by themselves. You can decorate and enrich them in numerous ways. You can integrate Celtic knot work designs into butterfly tattoo. Among Celts Celtic knots are considered symbols of life cycle. Such a glorious symbol coupled with the Celtic butterfly tattoos will make a powerful expression of your faith and legacy.

In countries such as Ireland, butterflies are considered as the sign of the soul of the deceased in limbo. It is also thought that such souls are waiting to get out of purgatory. Celtic butterfly tattoos are also considered as the symbol of rebirth. They symbolize every aspect of life-from reincarnation to phenomenal changes. Therefore, whether you have faith in rebirth or you experienced an incredible change in life recently; Celtic butterfly tattoos are the best way to express such things.

Alternatively, Celtic butterfly tattoos are the symbols of peace and tranquility as well. With such as glorious legacy, it won’t be unfair to say that Celtic butterfly tattoos represent a lot of different aspects of life.

So, remember, if you have got Celtic butterfly tattoos, people may not understand what they symbolize to you. Such perplexity adds the value of Celtic butterfly tattoos.

Celtic butterfly tattoos can be done in various sizes, designs, and colors. Though these are mostly done on shoulderceltic-butterfly and the lower back, but you can place them on any part of your body. However, you need to think about size and shape, before you get them.

There are two versions: Open-winged version and closed-winged version. Mostly people prefer open-winged version. If you are looking for something different and unique, you may go for the closed-wing version.

This tattoo is the best suitable for most of people because of its versatility, expressiveness, and legacy. Men and women prefer these tattoos equally and acknowledge the significance of particular design. So, if you are looking for a tattoo, consider Celtic butterfly tattoos.

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