The Maori Tattoo Design Secrets Revealed!

If you are one of those tattoo lovers who want to try something different, Maori Tattoo designs can serve your purpose. Maori were the indigenous people of New Zealand. Tattooing was very popular among these people. They were basically warriors and Moko was the word used for tattooing.

As the legend goes, Mataora, a young warrior, loved the princess of the underworld, Niwareka. She came above the ground to marry him. However, she left him and returned to her father when Mataora mistreated her. Mataora could not live without her and repented over his mistake. He went to the underworld and with much difficulty could win her back. Her father taught him maori tattooing.

These Maoris adopted the art of moko or tattooing from their Eastern homeland Polynesia. Both Polynesian tattoos and Maori tattoos are different from each other. The Polynesian Tattoos follow straight line pattern, whereas Maori tattoo designs have curves, and spirals.

Maori body marking is different from modern tattoos. Maoris used to carve their skin by chisels and knifes. They never used to puncture with a needle. Men wore moko art to show their position or rank. Their status was revealed through the pictures that they wore. The signs and symbols of moko defined the identity of a person. Both men and women used to wear moko art but women wore only on their lips or chin while men, on the whole face.

Maori tattoo designs are very popular now a days. To choose a maori tattoo design is very difficult as it requires much to know about the maori traditions and culture. Many online tattoo galleries and websites offer a wide range of maori tattoo designs. Modern Maori tattoos are generally found on the body and not on the face.

Using a moko design may be an insult to Maori people. Maori patterns are a means of personal identification for Maori people. Copying these designs is stealing their identity. If you want a Maori tattoo design, go to an experienced tattoo artist who can get a design close to maori art yet keeping it aloof from their symbols.

Before choosing A Maori tattoo design keep in mind that, it signifies something. And be assured that you know each and every detail of the maori tattoo. Most maori tattoo design depict a warrior’s story. Maoris used these to look ferocious in wars. Browsing through the online galleries you can get a clear picture of these maori tattoo designs.

Tattooing is making a statement to the world. It is the reflection of your personality. Hence proper care has to be taken before inking a tattoo on your body. Maori tattoo design will definitely make a good tattoo signifying all its ancient glory and culture.

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