The Most Popular Tattoo Designs That Never Obsolete

The tattoo art has been a popular form of art for ages. Tattoo styles or designs that have caught the fancy of people include the tribal tattoo, flower tattoos, cross tattoos, the star tattoos, butterflies tattoos and the traditional symbol of dragon.

The history of the art of tribal tattooing goes back a few hundred years. The black ink was the traditional medium of engraving the designs on the body of a person. The designs tattooed had a symbolic meaning to it. However, tribal tattooing has undergone a sea change over the years. The techniques adopted for tattooing has been refined with the use of sophisticated equipment. The designs however, still are very attractive to the young generation and continue to be among the top favorites.

Flower tattoos of different types are very popular with the ardent followers of tattoo art. Each flower has a different meaning to convey. For instance flowers like the lotus have a lot of spiritual meaning in several cultures. The rose stands for love. Similarly there are different flowers that have different meanings. Flowers can also be transformed into wonderful artworks as they have scope for a lot of color and are thus, a much patronized symbol in tattoo art.

The star tattoo yet another favorite too has different connotations and meanings. It has different meanings depending on the way it is tattooed, meaning the number of points that a star has is what signifies its real meaning. The cross tattoo is also one that has different meanings. From a symbol of your belief to the death of a near and dear, the star could convey different meanings. The cross tattoo is for aesthetic reasons combined with other designs like flowers. The butterfly tattoo is another design that is very popular. The butterfly stands for deeper and meaningful concepts like freedom, dreams and also rebirth. Angels and the winged fairies is also a much favored tattoo sign. The angels symbolize devotion, protection and are also inscribed as a guiding factor. Angels combined with crosses belong to the category of memorial tattoos that represents the departed soul of a near and dear one. The fairy designs signify magic, freedom and innocence.

Geometric patterns like circles represent the cycle of life. Each symbol in tattoo art conveys a certain meaning. Although at a glance they may look like simple art works but they signify a lot of meaning. There are universal designs or patterns in tattoo art too that stand for a particular meaning like the cross.

The symbol of dragon is yet another commonly seen design. Although there are only very minor differences the dragon tattoo is broadly of two types namely the Western dragon and the Eastern dragon. The Western dragon signifies an evil creation whereas the Eastern dragon stands for prosperity and fertility. There are many other designs that are very popular with the tattoo fans. Those passionate about the body art however do not restrict themselves to one single design on their body, for them the entire body is a canvas waiting to be painted.

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