The Popularity of Fairy Tattoos

Tattoos are hot right now and choosing one is a personal decision that lasts a lifetime. Many times you may love an idea or a theme, but wonder if it is right for you.

One great place to start is the web. There are a lot of great ways to find good artists. For example, you may be looking for Tattoo Johnny and he has a plethora of noteworthy designs for you to consider with dozens of colorful samples. Any designer will tell you the skill of the artist matters one hundred percent to ensure you get what you want from the finished look.

The popularity of one such tattoo that never seems to wither are fairies. The ‘I believe in fairies’ line is one of the more popular choices at the moment.

If you like mermaids and fairies then you may like some of the mermaid fairy tattoo options that are out there with beautiful layouts of these mystical creatures who fly and live in the water.

One of the most popular fairies of all is still Disney’s Tinkerbell. There are many who have tried to meet up with her status but she still reins number one and that includes the choices people are making with tattoos. Most popular placement is on the shoulder blade or the forearm, but you can find fairies on most any part of the body.

Whether it is sweet or a bit sinister looking, there are hundreds of designs that you can muster up for getting a fairy ink on your body. But that list will look different for everyone. Make your own list to narrow down which fairy will be hanging out on your skin.

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