The Twin Tattoos- Devotion and Memorial

“Mother” is a symbol of unconditional love. There are tattoos that are associated with this love and probably the most well recognized tattoo is the picture of a heart with “mom” written within it. In one’s life devotion is associated in the initial love-memorial-tattoostages with our mother. This kind of tattoo with devotion attached to it is known as “devotion tattoo” in business terminology. A tattoo being permanent in nature is a reflection of the person thoughts in a certain sense. So if at all you come across a person with a beautiful tattoo and a name inscribed on it, you can be rest assured that it is the name of his love.

The first thought that comes to mind when getting a devotion tattoo done with your girlfriend/ boyfriend’s name on it is that if it is actually a good idea. A tattoo is forever and in case of a breakup it may not be such a good idea to go around with a name on your body of a person who doesn’t mean anything to you. There are other ways to show your love without having the name inscribed. A good design with your love’s favorite verse or quote may be a good idea. This is better as even if you break up the quote wouldn’t hurt you so much.

Even if you want to have the name of a person tattooed it would be better if it were that of your parents, siblings or pet rather than your partner. These relationships are for good but with your partner it is kind of fickle. Even married couples do not have any assurance as you can find enough cases of divorce all around you.

Just as the Lady Luck tattoo has an evil clone which is the men’s ruin tattoo, the twin of the devotion tattoo is the memorial tattoo. On the surface they may appear to be rather similar but a closer look will tell you the two main differences between the two. Memorial tattoos are associated with the dead whereas devotion tattoos are about living people. As far as memorial tattoos are concerned you are less likely to change your mind about it.

A memorial tattoo can be one about which the wearer links the deceased person with or it could be the date of birth or death of the person. Some people have angels tattooed or it could be the name of the person with an asterisk symbol denoting death or some just have a single teardrop.

An alternative is to have the picture of the person tattooed but this requires specialized skill and it is important to find a person who is an expert or else you would regret it and nothing could mend the damage already done. Generally people do not regret memorial tattoos like devotion tattoos as their relationship with that person has ended on this planet and there is not going to be any disappointment in the future that could change their feelings about this person.

Memorial tattoos are not necessarily related to people at all times. It could also be about a certain period of your life for e.g. an unwilling or hesitant divorce. After the 9/11 attack, there were many who had tattoos made to show their support towards their nation.

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