Tiger Tattoos

There is something about the majestic tiger that calls to most people This beautiful, strong animal is one who roams through the land taking what it needs and who has very few predators. It can hold its own when necessary and is absolutely beautiful no matter which breed of tiger you’re talking about.

It is the type of animal that both men, and women, can enjoy – women often because of how feline the cat is, and men because of how ferocious it is. But when you start looking for tiger tattoos, however, you’ll quickly notice that there are not a lot of unique options.

That is where you need to get creative and need to speak with your tattoo artist at length. There are some great ideas out there for those who are looking for unique tiger tattoos, but you have to be willing to think outside of the box. For instance instead of having a full tiger done, you can simply have the head. There are even those who have a tiger tail wrapped around their upper arm. This small amount of tiger is a great way to represent the beautiful and majestic beast without actually having to draw the whole thing.

Tiger tattoos are so popular that even beautiful Angelina Jolie has a tiger on her back. Instead of getting a boring tiger, however, she and her tattoo artists worked to design a tiger that looked good with her curves, crawling up her lower back. This is a great idea for someone who wants a unique tiger tattoo but who wants to keep the full tiger in view.

Work with your artists to design a tattoo that matches your curves and that looks good with your body, wherever you want to put the tattoo.

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