Top 5 Back Tattoo Design Ideas for Girl

Let’s Catch the Eye with Girl’s Back Tattoo Designs!

The most eye catching places for tattoo is the back of your body especially for girls. Back tattoo designs have become a rage since there is a vast area for placing a tattoo. It is also attractive and inviting. Let us analyze the advantages of back tattoo designs for girls and where it could be placed.

1. Flowers represent beauty and delicacy in back tattoo designs. Choose from a range of bright and colorful flowers which are bold, to the demure pastel shades.

2. Butterflies reflect feminine qualities and are symbolic of harmony in nature. Butterfly back tattoo designs come in various combinations of lovely colors.

3. Dragons represent power, danger and strength of character. These back tattoo designs for girls have a great sex appeal.

4. Another sexy back tattoo designs for girls are murals. You can choose between big or a mini mural. Murals are a great idea for mix and matches since you can combine flowers with butterflies or dragons and flowers and come up with great looking back tattoo designs. Murals can be extended at a later date. All these designs can be placed on the lower back since that has more exposure and the area is vast and easy to work on.

5. There is no dearth of choice for various sizes of back tattoo designs on offer. Since we are now talking of the back, remember there is a vast surface area to work on. You can actually go in for a large tattoo rather than a small one which will be unnoticeable. Piercing a tattoo is a revolutionary decision and so some people are little wary about trying large tattoo designs. But remember, a small tattoo on a large surface will look more like spot on a white cloth than an attractive design. So, be bold and choose a fairly large back tattoo design which will be attractive and alluring.

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